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Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin' ....had me a blast.....

As school winds down, most of us are deciding which week we'll go to the beach or perhaps we'd love to cool off up in the mountains...we're planning planning, planning our family fun but......

What if.....instead you were planning how to stretch out a few groceries to last all summer or wondering if by some miracle your child might have a few days of fun or you're stressed about the cost of summer tutoring....

Many, many families that get help with meals during the school year are now left on their own. Suddenly, one dinner needs to become 3 meals...impossible. We had a teacher call us because a grandma that's raising her grandson wanted his teachers to remind him to eat a big lunch since there's no food for dinner at home. When asked about the summer, she was in tears not knowing how to get enough food. Other families have mentioned hopes of a few days of  a local camp or costs of tutoring help to keep their children on target for the next school year.

This past year, Kids First has set up a program with one school to fill backpacks with food for each child to take home every Friday. Now school is out...summer means 11 Fridays with no backpack of food. Let's do the math....11 Fridays X 75 backpacks = 825 empty backpacks.

Suddenly, beach trips and mountain vacations make us realize how lucky we are. Kids First is hoping you will help us to help families.

Show some Summer Lovin'! Together we hope to raise over $15,000 which is less than $20 per backpack.

with thanks from Sharon and Wendy

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